We aim to provide our guests with a comfortable stay while contributing to a better environment and promoting sustainability. Therefore, we continuously consider how to move in the right direction.

Waste Sorting:

One of our initiatives is to allow guests to contribute to waste sorting by providing a bin for residual waste in the rooms and sorting stations on the corridors for other types of waste. This way, we help minimize the overall amount of waste. Throughout the hotel, including the kitchen, we sort thoroughly into paper/cardboard, plastic/milk cartons, glass, metal, residual waste, organic waste, batteries, and textiles, all of which are recycled for new purposes. Sorting takes time, but it is crucial for our world.

Suppliers and Food Waste:

For the breakfast buffet, we have chosen small serving dishes that are replenished continuously to minimize food waste. We have only one food supplier and, whenever possible, source locally. Additionally, we are self-sufficient in the flowers that adorn the hotel from early spring to late autumn.


As a guest, you have the option to decline cleaning during your stay, thus conserving water and electricity and reducing the use of cleaning products and cloths. Like most other hotels, we change towels if guests leave them on the floor; if they hang on the hook, it means you'd like to use them for another day.

Elis, our provider for bed linen and towels, uses sustainable textile and hygiene solutions and a Swan-labeled laundry service, meeting the requirements of the Swan Ecolabel for water, energy, and detergent consumption. They are also CSR certified.

LED Lighting Everywhere:

Throughout the hotel, LED bulbs provide reading, orientation, and ambient lighting. In the rooms, there's a friendly reminder for guests to remember to turn off the lights... and you're very good at it.

Repair and Maintenance:

We make a point of maintaining and repairing the interior rather than "buying and discarding." Our skilled caretaker has ingeniously given many damaged furniture and machines new life. Guests still receive good old-fashioned keys for the rooms, which are used again and again for many years. They work every time!

Bicycle Rental:

At the hotel, it's possible to rent 2 bicycles to explore Sønderborg and its surroundings.